About the annual conference

About the annual conference of the Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence 

The annual conference of the Slovenian Association for Quality and Excellence (SZKO) is the main event of the association. The two-day summit is organized each year within the framework of the European Quality Week in November. The event gathers in a pleasant environment of the touristic resort between 300 and 400 members of the association and others who are interested in quality and excellence.


The conference is organized in two parts: the plenary session and special sessions dedicated to different industries (such as banking, automobile, health organizations…)


At the plenary part we host renowned foreign and domestic experts who motivationally present the latest findings, studies and good practices in the field of quality and excellence, while the aim of the special sessions is to exchange the knowledge and practical experience. The speakers are internationally acclaimed professionals who have proven themselves in their respective field and would like to share their experience to other attendees of the conference. An important part of the conference is its networking program as well, because in addition to professional work we find socializing and informal conversations, which could lead to new business opportunities, an invaluable part of the event.


The topic of the 23rd annual conference, which will be held in Portorož on the 13th and 14th of November 2014, is: Holistic restructuring? The answer is quality, as a response to the latest challengesSlovenia faces. The main goal of the experts who are focusing on quality is to enable the success of the restructuring of the Slovenian economy and the public sector through the use of quality principles, approaches and tools, thereby meeting and exceeding the expectations of stakeholders and business results.


The aim of the conference and SZKO on the strategic and the operational level is to systematically develop excellence in the country, with the focus on new solutions and best practices in the application of quality standards, EFQM Excellence Model, lean organization / 6 Sigma and other TQM tools, including the roles and responsibilities of quality creators.


The target groups of the conference are CEOs, managing directors, quality systems managers in companies, institutions, institutes and medical facilities and all the others who are responsible for building, developing and managing quality systems.


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